We take a consumer focused and technology led approach to online marketing. Using highly personalised and vertically targeted online brands, we capture the attention of legal consumers and achieve real results for our panel law firms. Founded in 2013, with one highly targeted website, the idea was simple; provide content rich and highly relevant websites that answer consumer legal questions. Add in some clever algorithms and a whole host of game changing personalisation techniques and we created a really successful recipe!

Working with key panel members, Online Legal now produce hundreds of pre-qualified legal enquiries from the public every month and we’re growing quickly. Legal consumers like our approach … and it really pays off!We now want to work with more modern thinking law firms who are ready to embrace our approach.


Online Legal is ran by lawyers for lawyers. We know the legal market. But more importantly, we know online legal marketing. We have grown into an organisation that operates numerous online brands, generating thousands of page views and unique visitors every month. Using scalable yet sophisticated technology, we have been able to replicate and improve our brand development and online lead generation activities to an unrivalled level.The company’s founder is a qualified Solicitor who was involved in online legal marketing in private practice.

After moving to a position with one of the world’s largest online retailers he had a realisation: the legal sector had still not truly embraced the internet age.The average cost for online legal marketing in the UK is the highest in any industry, anywhere. But the technology and marketing techniques utilised in the market are truly lacking. Really, they are! Simply having a website and a Google Adwords campaign is not enough anymore.We’ve changed this.

Online Legal utilises personalisation technologies to provide an enhanced consumer experience that produces real results for panel members. We focus on highly targeted marketing verticals that are specific to your client demographics and needs. We generate engaging content that is actually useful to consumers. Most importantly, we constantly improve.We’ve embraced the internet age. Now we’re revolutionising online legal marketing.

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